What Languages Do You Offer Customer Service In?

We offer customer service in Chinese and English.

Where Can I Read The Terms & Conditions?

These are displayed on our Terms & Conditions page that can be accessed from the footer menu on the home page.

What Happens If The Person I Booked Doesn’t Arrive?

In this case you will be issued with a full refund including all fees. We will then contact the vendor and unless a very valid reason they will then be removed from the site instantly.

What Are The Costs To Use This Site?

There is no paid membership requirements. For the customer there is a 10% processing charge which is added and displayed at the checkout. For the buyer there is also a 10% fee which is deducted from the settlement fee automatically.

What Payment Options Are Available?

We accept Alipay, Payments by Wechat, Paypal and all major debit and credit cards.

Is This Site Only For China?

Yes this site is for customers to find foreigners in China. There is a Japanese version we are currently working on but there is no official release date as of yet.

Do You Share My Details?

No. We do not share or sell your personal details. However we may use your email address to send you newsletters from this site from time to time.